Molly Creations Co.

PR pack Jan 2018

When I got this piece of happy mail last week I couldn't have been more excited! I am so proud to be part of Molly Creations PR team. Her stickers continue to impress and amaze me as she is so different to other shops out there. I am still yet to find another shop that… Continue reading PR pack Jan 2018

Planner Events

1st planner meet of 2018

This week has continued to be a whirlwind and I am still finding myself trying to get organised! My level 10 life planner is slowly coming together and I can't wait to share it with you! I did get the wonderful opportunity to attend a planner meet in Nottinghamshire at one of my planner friends… Continue reading 1st planner meet of 2018


My level 10 life: preparation

As I mentioned in my post Planning for 2018, I an going to implement the Level 10 life into my routine to help bring better structure to my life. This is an invention of Hal Elrod and was part of his book The Miracle Morning (this is a link to buy on Amazon, but is… Continue reading My level 10 life: preparation