Molly Creations Co., Plan with me 2018

Plan with me: week 4

Firstly let me apologise for this post being later than usual. We have had a very busy weekend which included a family emergency so I didn't have time to fully edit this post and get my pictures sorted. So without further delay..... As I mentioned in my first plan with me post, not all the… Continue reading Plan with me: week 4

Molly Creations Co.

PR pack Jan 2018

When I got this piece of happy mail last week I couldn't have been more excited! I am so proud to be part of Molly Creations PR team. Her stickers continue to impress and amaze me as she is so different to other shops out there. I am still yet to find another shop that… Continue reading PR pack Jan 2018

Molly Creations Co., Sticker Hauls

November 2017 PR Kit and mini haul

I have to say I am so grateful to be a part of Molly Creations PR Team because she is such a lovely person and her stickers are just fabulous! And once again I was not disappointed by what I recieved! Molly did have a sale on a few weeks ago and I made a… Continue reading November 2017 PR Kit and mini haul

Molly Creations Co.

October 2017 PR Kit 

I recieved my first PR pack from Molly Creations last week and was over the moon with what I got! Aren't they just amazing!!!??!! Here's a closer look.... In the latest sale, Molly was giving out this free sampler to any order made over £10. And for anyone who ordered you wouldn't have been disappointed!… Continue reading October 2017 PR Kit 

Molly Creations Co.

Introducing Molly Creations!

Last month I have finally made it onto a PR team and I couldn't be more honoured to be a part of Molly's team. She is such a lovely person as well as a brilliant sticker designer! But enough about my excitement, let's meet Molly!! Hi Molly! Can I just say a huge thank you… Continue reading Introducing Molly Creations!