My level 10 life: preparation

As I mentioned in my post Planning for 2018, I an going to implement the Level 10 life into my routine to help bring better structure to my life. This is an invention of Hal Elrod and was part of his book The Miracle Morning (this is a link to buy on Amazon, but is… Continue reading My level 10 life: preparation


How to store your stickers????

Ok I know you are meant to get a plan with me post on a Sunday, but because my last 2 posts have been about planning I thought I would break it up a little by throwing this one into the mix. I never used to own a lot of stickers. I just had the… Continue reading How to store your stickers????


Decluttering and reorganising

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in this post getting out to you all. Having recently returned to work I am learning to juggle a full time job, 2 children and my blog and it is taking a little longer than I had hoped to settle into a routine. But I am… Continue reading Decluttering and reorganising


Home organisation: laundry room turn around

Have you ever had a space in your house which becomes a dumping ground? I know we did! Our kitchen has a little space off of it that no one really sees where all the laundry is done. But because it's out of the way it became a real dumping ground as you can see!… Continue reading Home organisation: laundry room turn around