Meet Me!

Hi, my name is Hannah, I’m 33 years young and quite literally a mum of 2.5 children!  I have 2 fabulous daughter’s; Arya (2yrs old) and Lilly (9 months old) then my step son Kyle (7yrs old) at the weekends and half of all the school holidays.

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I’m a qualified mental health nurse, and currently doing A LOT of training, to become a counsellor.  Working shifts is very difficult with two young children at home, so right now I’m spending most of my time looking after them.

To be honest, my health hasn’t been great and wanting to find something that would fit a bit better around our family starting this blog seemed like a good idea…  It’s been a very slow work in process but that is mainly because I probably didn’t take it seriously enough in the early stages!  But I hope to cover all this in more detail when I release my Blog series.


Health decline

As I have already mentioned, my health has been worse of late and so my blog has suffered somewhat over the past year (mid 2017-now). Having said all that I am more determined that ever to turn these battles into something positive, and get this blog back up and running, providing you all with great content every week!

Also this decline and having children has left me with a lot less disposable income, and therefore I have spent time watching tutorials and experimenting myself to create items for my planner.  I aim to try and share these with you in my diy section.


Onwards and Upwards

So things have been changing here.  I am refocussing and treating this blog much more like a business and a lot less like a hobby.  Therefore it has required a HUGE makeover!  For those of you who have been following me already, you will have notice a dramatic change in the look and feel of the blog.  And for those of you who are just joining, these changes are continuing to take place, so there will only be a few new posts going out at present, but this will increase once the blog makeover is complete.  I am trying to bring in a lot of new features and ensure the current posts have the correct links in them.



I decided that if I want to turn this into a business and make money from it, the easiest way for me to start to do so is through affliliate links.  These links in no way influence any reviews on my blog, and I will only ever be honest with my comments.  All the products I have shared links to are ones that I feel deserve to be shared.  If you choose to folllow one of these links and make a purchase then I will earn a small amount of commission, but it will NOT effect the cost to you.  If you want to know more then click here


Last updated: March 2018



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