Plan with me 2018

Plan with me: week 5

Sorry for yet another quiet week. Unfortunately my health has not been amazing and I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 😔.

Having said that my mind is very positive right now and I have lots of projects in the pipeline so I am keeping my fingers crossed that something positive will still come from it.

And there will be most posts this week I promise!

So on with this week’s plan with me…. This week has taken on a completely new form due to this kit not having any full boxes. This is a kit I bought from Hazy Days before I started using inserts like this and would have liked the full boxes. This kit is sold as individual sheets and I didn’t get the full boxes at the time. But rather than spend more money, I thought I would just get creative 😁

I’ve added some decor from The Ginger Cat Co and a quote from Away with the fairies which I’m hoping to use as my motto for the week…. I’ve got quite a few things I want to get done so fingers crossed!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Any questions just ask 😁

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