Molly Creations Co., Plan with me 2018

Plan with me: week 4

Firstly let me apologise for this post being later than usual. We have had a very busy weekend which included a family emergency so I didn’t have time to fully edit this post and get my pictures sorted. So without further delay…..

As I mentioned in my first plan with me post, not all the kits I had were 100% suitable for my new inserts. This kit is one of those….. I decided to use a personal size kit from Molly Creations and due to it only being a personal kit it did not come with any full boxes…. But I wasn’t going to let that phase me!

Over last year I managed to build up a collection of full box sheets due to buying stickers second hand or winning them in various competitions. So I had a flick through and decided to go with a sheet of boxes from The Plump Planner. Though I was trying to use different kits every week, this was the only set of full boxes I had that I felt would fit best with the personal kit I wanted to use. As the full boxes were yellow and the main colours in the personal kit was pink and blue, I decided to also add some decor to my daily columns using butterflies from The Ginger Cat Co to tie the colour and themes together. I definitely feel this option has worked and have already decided to buy more sheet of boxes to try and use up the kits that I already have. I feel like this would be the cheaper option! Lol!

Finally, as an added touch, Filofabulous does some amazing decor stickers and I was really drawn to this girl to use in this spread just to fill up that blank space on the final page. I’m definitely happy with how I have been able to pull together a variety of shops to get such a brilliant spread full of colour 😁

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