Molly Creations Co.

PR pack Jan 2018

When I got this piece of happy mail last week I couldn’t have been more excited! I am so proud to be part of Molly Creations PR team. Her stickers continue to impress and amaze me as she is so different to other shops out there. I am still yet to find another shop that stocks her stickers and she continues to design and make her own kits which is just awesome.

Molly doesn’t have any background in art or graphic design, and yet the kit that came in my PR pack has all been hand drawn and I have to say I was totally impressed with what I recieved! She really has surpassed herself with her bright colours and beautiful drawings.

And then there were the new decor sheets she included! And can I just say wow! I’ve seen other shops try to do decorative functional cleaning stickers with very little success, but Molly had managed to achieve something amazing! Then there are the valentine’s day decorative stickers. I know this is going to feature in my spread for that week without a shadow of a doubt! In fact they were just what I was looking for as I already have a sheet of full boxes that I wanted to use up. I really can’t wait to get onto planning next month! I think Molly is going to feature quite a lot! Lol!

Now onto the bits I bought… I got 2 kits and then a sampler. The first kits is one of my absolute favourite kits that Molly does! I was thinking of using it for valentine’s week, but I’ve changed my mind since I got my PR pack! Ha! But it will definitely feature in the next few months šŸ˜‰.

The next kit that I bought was one I got a flavour for in my last PR pack and again I just wanted more. This was Molly’s first hand drawn kit and I really do adore her creativity. She has such an individual style and flare that I am yet to see elsewhere. I can’t wait to get stuck in with this one as well!

Then finally my decor sheet. I am usually a bit hit and miss when it comes to superheros but when I saw this set I knew I had to purchase them, and as per usual they are even more amazing once in your hand. I am considering a monthly spread with these potentially, so watch this space!
Along with all the stickers, Molly has started a new reward system which is just fab. All you have to do is collect her bows and then once you’ve filled your card you can have a free sticker sheet! You can’t say fairer than that really. The sampler is also really cute, and her new business cards are just fab.

Please do check out her shop and Instagram for a discount code šŸ˜. Thanks for reading x

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