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1st planner meet of 2018

This week has continued to be a whirlwind and I am still finding myself trying to get organised! My level 10 life planner is slowly coming together and I can’t wait to share it with you!

I did get the wonderful opportunity to attend a planner meet in Nottinghamshire at one of my planner friends (Kerry May), who has an amazing blog which I highly recommend you check out here.

The best thing about this meet was I could bring both my girls along! However, that meant a silly amount of packing…. a suitcase and big bag to accommodate baby stuff as well as planner stuff for both Arya and myself.

Arya got into planning massively and loves being creative. She had a go at painting and was so engrossed it was lovely to see.

Lilly I think stole the show a little (but then I am a little biased!) And made everyone smile when we did our planner stack! I know there are loads of planners, and I’m sure there was only about 10 of us there! Mind you, I bought 3! Ha!

There was a lovely swaps table too and Arya was able to pimp up her planner a bit and didn’t actually want to put it down when it was time to go! So happy to see that my planner passions has extended to her 😁

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