Plan with me 2018

Plan with me: week 1

I had to start the year right, and with my new layout I’ve actually discovered a lot of my kits aren’t going to work right on their own so many will be combined….. That said, the kit I have used to start the year has been perfect!

This kit is from Lily and Meko Designs and I will definitely be buying from her again! The quality of the kit is amazing and was well worth the wait (she’s based in America)! There is the perfect amount of decorative stickers as well as boxes and functional stickers to use in both my weekly spread and my daily columns.

The method I am trying out first is using decorative stickers and little flags on my weekly spread, then the boxes, half boxes and weekend banner on my daily columns. I feel this most definitely makes the week much more complete and also deals with the blank space at the top of my daily columns (don’t know if you noticed that in my post Planning for 2018, but is was bugging me as to what it was there…. And so I felt this would be an ideal way to utilise it 😉

Anyway, here’s to a fantastic year! I hope it is as good for you as I plan it will be for me x

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