Planning for the year ahead

Ok so once again I have ignored my blog… Life continues to poo on my parade if I’m honest. But I’m determined to prove it wrong!

With this in mind and due to life circumstances I knew my inserts that I’d been using would no longer be fit for purpose for next year. So I decided to go on the hunt for more Printables as I really have got into making them myself so I could set up my planner for next year.

I’d completely lost motivation to plan this year, but in setting up for next year my mojo has come back slightly so I will plan and try to be better with my blog.

So how have I decided to set up my planner then? Well I know I need to focus on myself a lot more because I’m no good to anyone if I’m feeling crap! And as I loved the inserts from Plan Big I thought I would check out her shop first and amazingly she had a printable for “My Level 10 life”. I had seen this in so many bullet journals and thought it was a fab idea so to find an insert was awesome!

Yet again printing was easy and for the money you get so much! It comes with 4 downloads; a cover, the action plan, weekly and daily books. Out of all of it I decided to only use the action plan (watch this space for a more detailed post on this). As much as I like her weekly and daily inserts I felt that they were far too detailed for me so decided to go a hunting again…..

I found 2 inserts which I liked and due to one being on sale I decided to get both as I may set up another TN for daily journalling. The insert which I decided to go with in my main planner is from Creative Tidbitsby LD and again this is very similar to some layouts I’ve seen in people’s bullet journals. But as I am not creative enough to design and draw out my own I decided to go with the printable option 😉. These were also very straight forward when it came to printing and each set has a monthly layout, then 4 weekly spreads and each week is followed by a daily planning column.

As you can see the daily column isn’t as detailed as what I was using this year, but it does give me enough space for what I need to use my planner for. Having a whole page per day I think was just a tad too much. Well at least it would have been for me moving forward…. I don’t think I would return to that layout again until I have to note down everyone’s schedules! And by that point I will probably need a bigger planner! Lol!

It was also easy to work out how to add an additional week to the months that needed 5 weeks of diary space too (if you want to know how I did it just ask below).

I think these inserts are pretty funky though too. It’s different to your usual layouts and being as they are undated I won’t ever have to purchase another insert again… Unless I change my mind, or planner size which could happen! Lol! But for now I have printed out a year’s worth of inserts and am quite happy with this.

So there are 13 booklets in my TN right now and it is slimmer than what it had been this year which has surprised me. Having said that it is also lighter which is a good thing. And I have got rid of all the crap I’m not using. There was so much in my old set up that actually I didn’t need. For example, my notebook for blog ideas. This is because I tend to type straight into wordpress from my phone and then if I don’t like it, it gets binned. I was also keeping track of my pr posts, which since getting stickers for this it’s become a lot easier and makes more sense to use in my daily planning.

I am still in the process of prettying up the diary, and have decided to split my months into seasons but need to purchase 2 more dividers. Am still debating if I should have tabs or not… What do you think??? Maybe one for each month???

Once fully set up I will of course share pics 😉

Thank you for continuing to read and I do promise that moving forward I will be more proactive with my blogging 😘

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