How to store your stickers????

Ok I know you are meant to get a plan with me post on a Sunday, but because my last 2 posts have been about planning I thought I would break it up a little by throwing this one into the mix.

I never used to own a lot of stickers. I just had the odd few kits and functional stickers. I think this was mainly because I wasn’t planning as religiously as I am now…. Not too sure what the reason for it is but since moving into my TN I have found my love of planning again and really make an effort to plan each week, even if it does happen a few days later than planned! Lol!  And so with this new passion my sticker collection has grown almost over night…. Well in the last 4 months at least!

When I first collected stickers they all fitted neatly into an A5 plastic envelope type holder! And then as I got a few more I upgraded to a large material pencil case. From there I then moved into 2 A5 ring bound planners (but that was mainly to prove to my other half that they were still essential to keep around and not get rid of! Lol!). However, about a month ago I realised that even the 2 ring binders weren’t enough, and knowing how expensive A5 planners are it didn’t seem reasonable to buy more just for sticker storage…. So I looked around and came up with this system.

These are all photo albums that I purchased from Amazon as add-on items to Christmas orders (they cannot be purchased alone at the lower price). 4 are 5×7 inches and 1 is 4×6 inches. And as you can see from the labels this is as far as I have got in separating them. I did consider with my functionals breaking it down into sections but then I thought I would constantly change my mind so it wouldn’t work…. Instead I just slot my new stickers in where I can.

Each album has 100 slots and I have tried to double up on some pages where the sheets are smaller (one of the reasons why my sampler album is actually smaller) to save on space. Thankfully my addiction is not to the extreme of any album being full, but my functional isn’t far off it and I realised I have over 50 weekly kits! So yes it means the in theory I wouldn’t need to purchase any stickers for a very long time….. But as we all know there is always something new or a sale round the corner with discounts too good to be true…. Lol!

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