Plan with me 2017

Plan with me: Week 48

So this past weekend has been so crazy busy everything has gone to pot! I’ve only just got round to finishing my planner for this week so I know it’s late! I am hoping to be a bit more organised with my blog posts moving forward…

So this is my last week planning in my November book and to keep with this month’s theme I have used another mermaid kit by Wonderland Planner. When I ordered these I wasn’t using such a detailed planner so I got smaller kits. Thankfully I still had plenty of stickers left from the mermaid kit from Molly Creations and the colours matched perfectly! Also my glitter washi really complimented the kit.

So although this is late I am really pleased with how it turned out 😁. I’ve kept things quite minimalistic this week….

I hope you like my planning style and if you have any questions just ask 😉

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