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Sticker haul: Peppermint planner

Last month there were a few sticker sales going on and due to my recent discovery of cheaper shipping to the UK from other countries I have been using the sale opportunities to buy stickers from further afield.

One shop I have been following on Instagram for a while is Peppermint Planner and so when I saw their shop was taking part in a sale I just had to order! I will not lie from ordering to recieving took 6 weeks, but oh my goodness it was well worth the wait!

I don’t think I have ever ordered so many stickers from one shop and there were some lovely freebies thrown in as well. I bought 25 sheets in total so plus my freebies it was a big haul. Well worth the money and wait!

So onto my order….

Here are the freebies I recieved. And I love the large die cut with my name on it! It’s just perfect! I plan on laminating it and putting it somewhere in my planner for sure!

Next we have some words for cancelled appointments, especially the ones that have annoyed me as there is a lot of language used in these! Then there are some hedgehog boxes with peeking hedgehogs which are just so cute! They will definitely be used for marking key things! We then have the paint swatches which again are just lovely and an awesome way to make a header or appointment stand out on your page. Last on the picture are some smaller boxes with peaking animals. Some boxes are blank and others are prepopulated with phrases. I have to say that I didn’t realise the boxes would be quite so small so they couldn’t really be used to mark appointments. But I was thinking for a cuter way to track weight these would be ideal!

Next we have my unicorns and emu stickers. I have definitely developed a fetish for unicorns since my sticker addiction has grown! They are just the cutest animals to have in your planner without a shadow of a doubt! The first sheet says “buy food”, then the next lot to me are mainly decorative apart from one column which says “laundry day”. Finally we have “unicorn nap” stickers which I felt I just had to have because I will very often on my days off have an afternoon nap with my girls 😁. Then the emu sheet says “mama needs her coffee” and I felt they would be the most appropriate for the day after one of my children have kept me awake the night before! Lol! I’m sure there are plenty of mum’s out there who understand where I’m coming from with that one!

Next we have some various word stickers. I have to say Peppermint Planner has loads of word stickers, probably the biggest collection I have seen and so many of them could be used to sum up some of my days. If you like pretty words, or swearing stickers she really is a genius 😁

Next we have even more word stickers, and out of this collection the “clean shit” and “sticker spree” are probably my favourites. I very often feel like all I do is clean and I hate it because as soon as I have cleaned, it seems to get messy again so all my hard work was for nothing! But that’s why I think this still is perfect because it sums up exactly how I feel when I know house work needs doing. And it’s so nice to finally have a sticker for my sticker sprees! I am absolutely awful for them, although so far this month I have been quite good. I’ve not made a single purchase on Etsy and have only spent £3 on some washi tape. A vast improvement for me I have to say!

Next we have more words, andI hope you can see them clearly. And once again they have bad language in them which does pretty much emulate the way I speak when not at work or around the children!

And finally we have some decorative stickers. I am absolutely loving this whole peek-a-boo sticker craze that quite a few shops are having. And I would have to say that the quality of these are far more superior than others I have purchased!

I cannot stress enough how brilliant the quality of all these stickers are! They peel off beautifully and for the price you really cannot grumble! I would highly recommend this shop.

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