Plan with me 2017

Plan with me: Week 47

Apologies for this post being a day late! But I’ve had a mega busy weekend which still did not appear to have enough hours in it for me to get everything done! I am hoping next week will run a little smoother….

In keeping with the mermaid theme I have had going on this month, this week I have used a personal size kit from The Ginger Cat Co. As it is a personal size kit there aren’t as many stickers available to me like there was last week, but I felt there was still enough to get a decent spread and I do still have some left over. I have used a few functional stickers from other shops as per usual, but the kit is still the main feature.

I really like the amount of stickers in this personal kit because there is enough to have a detailed week with some lovely decor stickers too.

So here are my pages… First my week to view

And now the individual days.

As you can see my week is a little barer than last week, but that’s because I wanted to keep it simpler and I don’t have as much on.

Hope have enjoyed this. Please share your plans below x

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