Molly Creations Co., Sticker Hauls

November 2017 PR Kit and mini haul

I have to say I am so grateful to be a part of Molly Creations PR Team because she is such a lovely person and her stickers are just fabulous! And once again I was not disappointed by what I recieved!

Molly did have a sale on a few weeks ago and I made a few purchases which made it very hard for Molly to then decide what to give me in my PR pack as I’ve bought pretty much everything from her shop! Lol! Having said that she does have a new kit launching next week which I will tell you more about in a bit….

So what did I get I hear you ask… Well let’s begin with the functional and decor stickers. I absolutely love how Molly will theme her sheets and make them so individual! There aren’t any other shops which do the combinations she chooses which I just love!

Not all the sheets are stock images either, there are some lovely hand drawn totally unique stickers included too! I love her hand drawn reading sampler. I have recently got back into reading so am looking forward to using them.

Also in the mix is her new Cloudings which were released last month. She has a few selections in her shop and this was my favourite so just had to nab them 😁

Next are my kits…. The first one was a full EC kit that I purchased which is princess themed kits and is absolutely stunning! I really don’t think the photo does this kit any justice.

I then got 2 kits in my PR pack. The first is a mini kit of one of Molly’s original line up. I got this in personal size which I loved and then won another personal sized kit. So having this mini kit will compliment the personal kit perfectly and give me lots more stickers to fill my week.

The last kit I got is a new kit due to be launched next week when she reopens for the black Friday sale. This kit is 100% unique as everything is hand drawn by Molly herself! I know she wouldn’t consider herself an artist, but this is just beautiful. And I have decided I am going to purchase the full kit as well when she reopens!

Don’t forget when you buy during the black Friday sale, if you mention my name in the comments you’ll receive my free sampler 😁

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