Chat up a storm subscription box

I have finally bitten the bullet and signed up to my first planner orientated subscription box and have opted to go for the Storm in a Teacup box. I chose this one because unlike most subscriptions which send out the same thing to everyone, these boxes are taylor made to the individual.

So many people I know will get a subscription box and then sell off half the items because it wasn’t their cup of tea. So the idea of a box arriving that was filled with items that were more suited to my taste really appealed to me.

There are different size boxes available too so they can be as cheap or expensive as you like…. The three sizes are £10, £15, and £20. And each box includes postage! You really can’t complain at all!!!

For my first box I decided on a £10 box just to see what it was like. And because I loved it so much I have increased my box to the £20 one as of next month!!!!

This is what I recieved in my box…

Being a Storm in a Teacup box I knew I would get some teabags. I am a huge tea drinker and love trying new flavours so I’m looking forward to trying these.

Then there are the stickers… A sheet of lovely mermaid decorative stickers and 2 sheets from Dream Big and Plan…. A small sheet which reminds me when to order and pay for my subscription and one to mark when it has been recieved. And a larger “plan time” sheet.

Next I got sticky notes, a ruler and a selection of paper clips. This selection is just stunning! I haven’t quite worked out how much going to use the mermaid paper clip yet as I don’t want it to get damaged in my planner…. If you have any ideas then please do share with me! And the littles ones are just perfect for holding a few pages together.

Finally there was a gorgeous skinny washi tape and a cute nail file. I absolutely adore this washi tape and can see it making its way into my diary next week!

So for £10 including postage I feel like I most definitely got my monies worth! I am very excited about my next box! I also loved it so much I have hatched a plan with Jenny and everyone in our family is going to receive a box from Santa every month as a way of reminding our children to behave! I will obviously blog about my planner box, but if people were interested in seeing my family boxes I’m happy to write something. Just drop me a comment below.

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