Sticker Hauls

The plump planner!

Well I have to say I have seen so many amazing stickers from The Plump Planner I knew I just had to order! But you have to be so quick with her shop because she opens on a Friday evening at 7pm GMT time and closes after she receives so many orders, which normally means she is only open for a few hours each week.

However I took a different route to get my stickers. I sent her a message through facebook as I wanted some customers stickers made and she was more than happy to oblige. 

She was so friendly and helpful and created some beautiful stickers for my new job.

I also purchased a few functionals she already had in her shop for work too.

Then I got some more functional sheets and British holiday stickers.

Finally I got a series of weekend kits which are just awesome!

The best thing I love about The Plump Planner is that all her sheets are £2.25 with a flat rate of 85p postage within the UK. Her weekly kits are on 2 pages and you get 2 pages of each functional sticker purchased! The value for money is so fab! I would highly recommend this shop for a fast and friendly service. If you want to browse during the week ready for making a purchase when she is open follow her on Instagram because she uploads pictures of all her items.

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