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PBC sale purchases: Part 2

Finally all of my American orders have arrived and I have to say they were all most definitely worth the wait!

The first to arrive was from Dolce Planner and the items arrived within 2 weeks of the sale taking place which I thought was really fast! From this shop I bought three kits and a little sampler. They are all mainly decorative stickers which is something I have really got into and started using… In fact if you’ve been following my Instagram you would have seen some of these stickers already in use in my planner.

The next lot to arrive was from Gabis Paper Co and from here I also bought decorative and some functional. The quality is really good and the stickers are easy to peal too. Ironically I got a Busy Bee Sampler in this pack too which was pretty awesome

The last lot to arrive was from The Studyholic and if I were to say they saved the best till last I wouldn’t be lying! The first thing to say from this shop is it was the first order I have ever recieved with my name on the packaging! I am so in love with this I am determined to find a way to integrate it into my planner!

From here I ordered some weekly kits as well as functional ones. I went with the mermaid functionals because of my love of mermaids, but they also do some adorable pug and llama functionals which will be added to my next purchase without a doubt! And the 2 kits I got are some of the nicest kits I have ordered yet! And the glitter headers are just stunning!!!!

The other items that came in this pack was a cute little sampler and a huge Halloween sticker which has now inspired me to get a bit creative with the  cover of my October  TN insert…. watch this  space for the reveal of this!

I hope this second part has given you good inspiration for future sales. Don’t forget to follow The Planner Boss Collective on Instagram to be alerted of the next sale…. It is totally worth it!!!!

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