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Planner girls collective: Autumn planner set up

I’ve never really been one to change my planner set up according to season, although having said that I did fall in love with the Woodland Wonderland kit from Ellie Beth Designs which I will be ordering this week as I just can’t resist! There will be a future post showing off these items in more detail 😉

I have recently been setting up my planner though, as moving into a TN I had quite a lot to create and have been posting pictures on my Instagram as I’ve gone along. It is now done, so I thought I would share it with you as I already feel like I may be changing it again for the new year! That inner planner peace is still very hard for me to find! If you’ve found it then please do enlighten me!

So my current planner set up…. Well I’ve ultimately divided it into four sections:

  1. Diary
  2. Work
  3. Social media
  4. Personal

And I think it is these sections that I’m likely to change… Maybe integrating a lot of the personal stuff into my diary etc which will make more sense as I go through.

Section 1: Diary

In this section I currently have my monthly overview view (which I have discussed in detail in this post) and then 3 month’s worth of week on one page, and day per page. This is a printable I got from Plan Big on Etsy and the bundle included the remainder of this year, and all of next. It prints very easily and as I use an A6 TN, unlike other printables, they use the full sheet of A4, by putting 2 diary pages on each page. It means one cut straight down the middle and I know all my edges are going to be straight! Ideal for someone who is new to printing their own inserts.

Section 2: Work

This section is so I can track my milage and keep a log of what I have done for payment purposes. For my milage I use a notebook from The Punk Planner which I love. And then for the other section I have a notebook which I have gridded out to suit my needs.

Section 3: Social Media

In this section of my diary I like to keep track of my blog posts, so my monthly schedule and then blog post ideas. And I also have a log for the various PR teams I am on, so that I know I am posting regularly. I designed the blog post and PR insert myself, but having used them for a while I have found they aren’t really working well for me and so I may look at purchasing a pack from Annie Plans Printables which looks much easier to follow!

Section 4: Personal

Here I currently keep my habit tracker (which will be discussed in more detail in a later post, so do keep your eyes pealed!) and a notebook, from Papertrail Notebooks (formerly known as The Idea Owl).

I have loads of dashboards throughout my planner too, which are a combination of family photos, tips and prompt sheets and inspirational or funny things I have seen online.

So that’s my current set up… As I said at the start I am considering changing this purely because I feel a lot of the notebooks could potentially be combined into one per month, and then I can set up per month instead…. So watch this space as it may all change inside my planner yet again!

To see more autumn setups click on the links below

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