My top 5 planner tips

Many people ask me what tips I can give regarding successful planning. I’ve thought about this long and hard, as it is so essential to me being a working mum! I’ve been able to come up with five tips I would like to share with you all,but if there is any tips you can impart on me then please comment below 🙂

  1. Use colour and decoration – using colours and stickers it makes things easier to identify on the page as well as makes my page pretty. When I know how pretty my week looks it makes me get it out more so I stay more on top of things this way.
  2. Learn from others – when I first started on this journey I watched and read as many ‘plan with me’ posts as I could! I got so much inspiration on decoration as well as the functional element of planning. Even now I use Instagram and Pinterest as well as blog posts and YouTube to see how people plan and find ways to make my diary better. For example, I know the diary insert I am currently using isn’t working for me. I have had a good look around and have finally found my insert for next year! I’ve also found a perfect way to track my days/moods which go with my new weekly layout and I can’t wait to use them! Watch this space for more detail later in the year 😉
  3. Set yourself a planner budget! This may sound silly, but if and when you get into planners you soon learn about all the other accessories to go with it. Plain planners truly are a thing of the past! And it’s not just buying stuff, you may want to make items and that obviously needs equipment. Having a budget is essential if you’re starting this path! I can guarantee you will break it on many occasions, but do try to stick to it.
  4. Findingplanner peaceis almost impossible! I have been in different sizes and styles and still haven’t quite found planner peace! But it’s not just about the size it’s also about the content. The only thing I have set my heart on and will not change is my new love for travellers notebooks. That has got me one step closer to planner peace. At the moment I am using an A6, and do like the size but have seen other sizes that I would like to try just to be sure… And with my inserts, well I keep changing my mind of what I want in my diary so that is constantly changing! I am however getting closer to finalising the inside of my personal everyday planner.
  5. If you find planner peace don‘t let it go! It is so hard to find this, and personally I believe this is only completely true with the inside of a planner, as changing the external element is likely to happen for varying reasons. Having said that the TN I’m in at the moment is heavenly! But as I have already hinted I can’t see me staying in this forever…..

So I hope this has given you an insight into planning. I would love to hear your thoughts too 🙂

8 thoughts on “My top 5 planner tips”

  1. I loved this post, most certainly agree with your list, especially about the planner budget part. My husband doesn’t see the appeal of planners but he knows how important mine is to me and is very good about allowing me to get the goodies without sticking his noise up. I do limit myself though, however my Etsy wishlist might disagree 🙂 If its not too rude to ask, what would you consider a fair planner budget?


    1. Having a planner budget is essential but the amount I think is very much a personal thing dependant on individual income etc. Personally I am aiming to have a no spend October and save my pennies to have a huge splurge on black Friday!
      My partner seems to think £30 is too much, but I would probably set myself a £50 budget if funds were readily available. This is due to my huge sticker addiction! Lol! I hope this helps xx

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      1. Thanks for this, I was starting to think perhaps I was being silly thinking about a subscription box between £15-20, so yes this does help, because I also want other goodies too!!! I figure having a subscription box will help feed my washi tap and sticker addiction whilst meaning I don’t break the bank!


  2. I definitely agree with your tips! Actually, I didn’t learn from others until recently. I always just followed my instincts with planners. But when I didn’t have planner peace, I started to look at other people’s planners just because they looked so attractive in different ways. However, I have seen things that are clever and I may use them if they suit me! Life constantly changes, and therefore, I think planners or our use of planners are bound to change!

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    1. I completely agree with you! I see so much inspiration from others online and I want to include it all but find that certain things fit whist others doing. It great being able to see other peoples planners though as you are always sure to find a solution to your current needs and may even see something you’ve never even thought off.

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