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Planner girls collective: favourite Halloween stickers

Now this is a post I have been looking forward to writing! I love Halloween! Especially now I have 2 little girls to take trick or treating! And as you all know I have a massive sticker addiction! Ha! So this post is perfect as it combines one of my favourite holidays with my biggest addiction 🙂

So what stickers have I got for this year? Well last month I did a sticker haul post from Hazy Days, where I had purchased some really cute Halloween stickers. What I love about these stickers are the really cute hand drawn monsters! They really are adorable and would make any planner page look lovely! The functional boxes are awesome too.i love that you get different sizes which I always find useful.

I did mention at the time I had forgotten I already had a kit lined up so it was being saved for next year, however that has changed…. I had bought the kits and done my weeks spread… Then due to my new job I had to change diary insert! So this is my spread before pen in my old diary insert.

This kit was from Molly Creations (who I am PR girl to; use HANNAH15 for 15% off when you spend £8), and because I loved the kit so much I just had to use it straight away! As soon as she launched this kit I knew I just had to have it! Like pretty much every other kit in her shop! I love the colours in the kit and the design of gravestones makes this quite a unique kit too. I have however learnt a valuable lesson in forward planning – DON’T DO IT! Well not with stickers anyway 😉

The next set of stickers that I have purchased come from The Ginger Cat Co. and are my countdown stickers. I love the colours and the design of these! They too look totally unique compared to anything else I have seen. I love that each day is a completely different picture, whilst there is consistency with colour and design.

As I mentioned earlier I used my Halloween kit a little ahead of time… So as I am now in a different insert it seemed like the perfect excuse to purchase a different kit! I opted for a kits from Vintage Rose Studios and I am really pleased with it! I love the purple and orange colours and the pictures in the full boxes are just stunning! I simply can’t wait to start planning for October now!

I hope you like the shops that I have shared with you today. If you are using any of these kits I would love to see your spreads!

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10 thoughts on “Planner girls collective: favourite Halloween stickers”

  1. I haven’t planned my Halloween spreads yet so will be taking a look at some of the shops mentioned. I love the stickers from Vintage Rose Studios though.


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