The Ideal Owl subscription unboxing

So as you know I subscribed to the Idea Owl TN monthly kit last month and was so excited for the Halloween one! And as expected I was not disappointed as you will soon see.

But first I wanted to let you all know, this is the last subscription box for a while. The Idea Owl is taking a break so if you read this and wanted to subscribe, unfortunately you won’t be able to. She is due to relaunch her Facebook shop selling notebooks only in November, but you can still joing the group by clicking here. The company name has also changed and trading will be under Paper Trail Notebooks.

So onto the kit…

Stunning right? And I have to say I was so pleased when I saw I got this notebook because it was my favourite out of all the papers she was using for this box!

As I mentioned the notebook, let’s have a close up pic of this first.

Once again I went for the grid inside so I won’t bore you with that this time. As per usual the quality is awesome and totally what I expected.

Next we have the pen and washi tape. They are both brilliant! I love that the pen lid has a cute cat face on it and the washi tape is lovely with its little frames. I guess these could also be used for fancy bullet points on a to do list.

Finally we have the sticker sheet. I am a huge fan of Filofabulous, as I have probably mentioned before so I love that they join up to create these awesome stickers. I love how it totally ties in with the theme and notebook too.

In fact, I love these stickers so much, that as an added extra I ordered some old stock of the sticker sheets and am over the moon with them all 😁

So that’s it for me today. Such a shame these boxes are stopping for the time being, but watch this space and keep everything crossed for their hopeful return!

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