Sticker Hauls

The Ginger Cat Co. sale

I have always wanted to buy stickers from The Ginger Cat Co. ever since I picked up a sampler at the East Midlands Planner meet in August. I’d had a good browse and filled my basket and began saving my pennies…. Then over the bank holiday weekend they had a 30% off sale and I bit the bullet and made my purchase!

I was so excited when they came through because I knew the quality of the stickers would be awesome! And so far it was the thickest envelope I have recieved in a while! So now breaking them down…

First of all I got some brilliant word stickers. Some are positive phrases and the others are a little rude, but I love them!

I then got four sets of countdown stickers. Two are Christmas countdown as I wanted one set for my main planner and the other for my Christmas planner… I haven’t decided which one I will be using for which yet though! I then have got some beautiful Halloween countdown stickers and for the first time ever birthday countdown stickers!

Next I got a series of kits – the mermaid kit is a personal one, three TN kits which are smaller but just enough for me, a two page scrapbook girl kit and a four page unicorn kit (which I went big on because I love unicorns!)

So there you have it. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for stickers with a difference.

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