Plan with me 2017

Plan with me: monthly overview

I thought I would do a plan with me with a difference again. This time focusing on my monthly overview.

Since moving into my travellers notebook I’ve been trying to find various ways to keep track of the very basic things in life. A place where I can be reflectful as well as note important dates. I have finally settled with my daily and weekly schedules and couldn’t be happier there. But my monthly spreads were a little dull.

Up until this month I have been used to using the typical month on 2 page (MO2P) spread which most of you have probably seen. I found I was repeating myself by noting things here and then again on my weekly and daily. I’m not one for repetitiveness and as the information was on my more detailed diary pages I didn’t see the point of my monthly spread.

Whilst browsing Etsy for printable TN inserts (trying to be cost savy and print some of my own 😊) I came across a very simple monthly overview from Pristine Paperie, which allows me to document things that won’t really be in my weekly or daily spreads, thus minimal repetitiveness. And the insert is designed to give you space to reflect on the month which I love!

This shop does two different types – a one page and two page monthly overview. Obviously the two page is slightly more detailed, and I felt personally it had boxes that I wouldn’t use. Therefore I opted for the one page option. This is September

I found this printable really easy to print out and put together. I made sure there was enough pages to finish this year as well as all of next year. The printable doesn’t come with a cover, so I used scrapbook paper to make my cover. I’m considering additional decor but not quite sure what at the moment… I would love some comments to help me out!

4 thoughts on “Plan with me: monthly overview”

  1. This looks like a really good monthly spread. I completely get what you are saying about having too much repetition in a planner using both the monthly and weekly views, however a monthly overview is an invaluable tool. I like this idea, as you get a simplistic calender and can still keep track of important things.

    In terms of what you could do to jazz the pages up, I personally use one color on my monthly inserts to help discern them from the next month, so you could color theme with pen and washi tape. Maybe incorporate some stickers on the page, such as a cake or present for birthdays, etc to act as visual reminders. I do LOVE the different color crossed in the calendar box, may have to steal that idea!! It really adds to the overall look of the page and yet is functional too! Great Idea!


    1. I do love this spread! It’s nice a simple, allows me to track the bits I would have tracked and gives me space to reflect 😀 and by all means feel free to steal my idea re the different coloured cross.
      Love the idea of using my washi and decorative stickers to make them more colourful! Will definitely try this one 😁

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