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Planner girls collective: decluttering/planner overwhelm

This is a topic I know far too much about recently! I have got so much stuff it is unreal! In fact as much as I am trying to sell bits, if they aren’t all gone by the end of the year I have promised myself to do a series of RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) in UKPA just to get rid of it all!

The only things I won’t just give away are my planners…. Having said that I am in the process of trying to sell all my ring bound planners as I know they just aren’t right for me. Thankfully I didn’t go too crazy and currently only have 2 left (3 if you include the pennybridge purse I’m using, but plan on changing back to a normal purse soon!) I know for definite rings just aren’t for me and I will be sticking with TNs now for life! I am sure my collection will build up though over time šŸ˜‰

Currently I have 3;

  1. My A6 handpainted little mermaid from
  2. My A6 Foxy Fix
  3. My A5 Glitterdori from Charlie’s Magpie

I think one thing is definitely true of all planner and craft addicts…. You will always hoard stuff, picking up cheap bits that look pretty or buying stickers that in reality you just won’t use… So decluttering really is an essential part of life and will probably need to happen at least twice a year! Lol!

If you have any decluttering tips please do share them with me!

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8 thoughts on “Planner girls collective: decluttering/planner overwhelm”

  1. I think it is very easy to gather more pens, sticky notes, and stickers for planners or organizers. And more colorful and beautiful things keep becoming more and more available! I have definitely already gathered quite a bit, but Iā€™m being very cautious to not buy new things šŸ˜‰


      1. I have many times, too! And I completely understand! This year, as my New Years’ resolution, this is the process I came up with and have mostly kept up.

        I set my intention, when I am shopping, to not buy. If I find something I really, really want, I’ll set it as a reward for something a little hard to get. If I accomplish that, then I can buy it for myself.

        If you look at my blog, you’ll see my planner is quite plain and simple. I like the idea of adding stickers and washi tape, and will as I accomplish goals or make good habits. It’s a great motivator! I’ve made more progress this year than past ones!

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