10 reasons to list…

This is my first ever collaboration blog post, and I couldn’t be happier to do it with the Stationery Geekette!  Check out her blog here to see my list, and read what she has to say below.

Hey, My name is Emma and own The Stationery Geekette Blog. I am really honoured to be doing this guest post for Hannah. As a massive planner addict and stationery geek I have lists for pretty much everything I can. When Hannah and I looked at what sort of collaboration post we could do we came up with the idea to share with you our top 10 lists.

Here goes my list of lists lol.

Books I’ve read – I need to track what I’ve read and when not just for my Goodreads challenge but as I review books over on my other blog I get a bit lost sometimes when referring back.

Books I want to read – My own personal the list. Again as I review this list gets bigger as I don’t have much time to read books for myself.

Favourite meals – Sometimes I cannot be bothered to actually think about meals so this is a fab list to pluck one of our favs from.

Store Cupboard Essentials – This is a list of things I always like to keep in. I love making food and baking so it’s good to have stocks kept.

Films to watch – I rarely get to watch any sort of tv so I need to track movies that come out I want to get around to watching. It saves spending an hour trying to find what I may want to watch when the opportunity strikes

Projects to do – The never ending list of things around the house I want to get done lol

Weekly Chore List – I rotate different chores in different weeks. For example, week 1 is to wipe down all kitchen cupboard doors where as week 4 is to clean all the windows.

Blog Post Ideas – Running 3 blogs can be time consuming. I like to have a list of ideas ready that I can draft pots for so when I haven’t got a lot of time I have something to post. Due to the summer holidays this list has got a bit low and needs refilling.

Blog Stats – To track the stats of all my blogs to see what works and what doesn’t.

Essential Oil combo lists  – I make bath bombs, candles and wax melts so I like to keep a running list of scent combinations.

Thank you so much for reading.

Emma-Louise aka The Stationery Geekette x

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