Sticker Hauls

Sticky Acorn sale

So on Saturday 12th August Sticky Acorn did a one day BOGOF sale and I couldn’t resist! The quality of these stickers are second to none and as for the price (in the sale approximately £1 per sheet) you really can’t go wrong! I’ve had these stickers a while as delivery is super quick, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you all with sticker haul posts last month.

So here’s a pic of my haul…

The sheets are just such amazing quality, really easy to peal off and cut perfectly 🙂. I’ve included the individual sheets and their titles below in case you wish to purchase them!

  1. Motivational stickersI love these and think they will definitely come in handy when I’m studying for my exams with my new job
  2. Mum stickersI couldn’t resist these cute stickers! Being a mum I thought these would be ideal for marking out time I dedicate to the kids
  3. Book addicted stickersI have to admit I’m not a huge bookworm but do write book reviews so thought these stickers would be a great way of noting when I have some reading to do
  4. Study stickersSo my new job involves an intense 5 week training course which will mean I will have lots of studying to do!
  5. Happy birthday stickersOf course I have plenty of birthdays to remember so these are ideal little reminders 🙂
  6. Sleepover stickersI just couldn’t resist getting these to remind me when the girls are staying over at their nans
  7. Happy mail stickersWhat I love about these stickers is I can use them to not only note when I get happy mail, but also when I have to send some out!
  8. Beach day stickersHaving the kids off for the summer holidays, these stickers are ideal for marking when I am taking them to the beach in Nottingham town centre, or a day trip to Skegness
  9. Nerd stickersI just couldn’t resist these! An alternative to the study stickers 🙂
  10. Craft day stickersArya has really got into wanting to craft and plan with me, so I thought this would be a great addition to my planner.

Do check out Sticky Acorn on Etsy, their products are amazing! They offer weekly planning kits too. But these were not listed as part of the sale. They also do larger sticker sheets of some of the functional stickers I purchased which were included.

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