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The Planner Girls Collective: Back to school plans

So I’m not going back to school, and my girls are both too young to be in school. Having said that I am about to start an intense 5 week training course. So with that in mind stationary supplies was definitely in order!

The pens were my bargain buy from Asda, £2 for a pack of 10! And the ruler was 40p. The pens write really well and I love that there are 5 black pens and 5 coloured pens. I have to write mainly in black so having more of them is definitely handy!

These are the different colours

Alongside the pens I got a lush pencil case from The Range for £1. Yes it’s not totally ‘professional’ but it is me 🙂 and sometimes you have to have a little bit of you right?

Finally I have my Foxy Fix! I was over the moon when someone was selling this second hand. There’s no way I could afford a new one right now! And the leather is just divine! I am totally in love with this planner!

This holds 4 inserts:

  1. My daily schedulewp-image-752901830 I designed these inserts myself when I was using an A5 ring bound planner. I took my design to Crafty Ali Cat and she was able to turn my design into a TN notebook for me so I could keep using this insert
  2. NotebookThis notebook is from the Idea Owl. She has lovely covers to choose from and I opted for the grid inside
  3. Milage tracker
  4. ExpensesBoth of these come from The Punk Planner and I really like the quality of these inserts.

So that is me all set up and ready for my training course 🙂

Are you going back to school/college/university where you need to have supplies ready? I would love to hear about it!

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14 thoughts on “The Planner Girls Collective: Back to school plans”

  1. Oh wow, love that you designed your own inserts. I can never figure out the printing either. Good luck with your course Hannah xxx


  2. CraftyAliCat is fab isnt she! She’s a printing genius lol.. I wish I had an Asda close those pends look fab x


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