Plan with me 2017

Plan with me: Week 34

So this is my first official ‘plan with me’ post. I know lots of people do them so I thought I would try to be a bit different and rather than focus on the spread this time, to actually explain how I plan.

So I always make sure I have post it notes in my bag. These tend to be the little strip kind so they are easy to jot down appointments and just stick to the relevant days. This is a way I can put appointments in my diary ahead of time without making the page look messy when it comes to the decor side of things.

Then when it comes to the week I’m planning I always have a stack of kits to choose from. Selecting the one I’ll use is really just down to the mood I’m in at the time. Sometimes I use kits for specific reasons but most of the time it is just because I felt like it.

I always begin with my decorating! I use washi strips and any additional decorative stickers just to make the page look nice.

After this I add in my appointments (anything that was on a post it note) and things to remember in coordinating boxes. This doesn’t always mean from the same kit but I do at least try to use similar colours so there is some form of continuity. I have lots of different styles and sizes from various shops specifically for this purpose.

After this I the add any other functional stickers, such as what bin needs to go out or any household chores I have got to get done on a certain day.

Once this is all done my pages tend to get pretty full. And if they aren’t at the start of the week, by the end they tend to have filled up that little bit more! Lol!

So here is a pic of this week for you to admire. If you have any questions about how I plan or would like to know something in more depth then please ask in the comments below.

Thanks for reading

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