The Idea Owl monthly TN kit unboxing

So for the first time EVER I have signed up to a monthly subscription box! The main reason I went for this kit was because of the value of it. Unlike most kits which are around £20, this is only £7.50 including postage!

Obviously this kit is smaller than those that cost in the region of £20, but those kits tend to come with lots of bits I personally probably wouldn’t use. Yet another reason why this kit is just so perfect for me 🙂. So here is the kits in full…

I love the spotty bag it came packaged in! I may have to do something crafty with it…. Still not sure what yet!

So the individual items….

  1. The exclusive sticker sheet comes from filofabulouss. I have to say I love these stickers! And the combination of decor and functional boxes is awesome.
  2. The notebook. So for every subscription box there are 4 papers launched and you receive one of the chosen 4, but which one is a surprise! You do however get to choose the size of the TN notebook you want and the interior of them (plain, lined, dot grid or grid). I like grids in mine as you can see from the pic. The paper quality is awesome too!
  3. The pen is just divine! It’s so slim lined it will go perfectly with my planner! And I love that it is black ink. It writes beautifully too 🙂
  4. Finally the washi tape and all I can say is OMG! I love thin washi as it goes so well at the bottom of diary pages or to be used to break a box up. This washi is stunning!

So that’s the kit and I have to say I am really happy with it! Definitely worth the money and I can’t wait for next month!

*NB: The Idea Owl innovative longer trading or selling these subscription boxes. The notebooks can be purchased through the new trading name of Paper Trail Notebooks on Facebook.

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