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Planner girls collective: Dream planners

So when I was using ring planners my list was never ending! I wanted a Kikki K and Kate Spade planner as well as loads of different filofaxes. But then I moved to a TN and my thoughts on planners has changed….

I realised that finding planner peace was just as much about the inserts as it was about the cover. And I explained in my previous post why I prefer the inside of a TN compared to rings.

So that just leaves the cover… I spent ages trawling through Facebook, Instagram and Etsy; looking at all the TN covers on the market and trying to decide what would be the best value for money, that I would want to use long term.

The cover I decided for my everyday planner was bought from Sanatifactory. It is a soft leather with a hand-painted picture of Ariel on the front. It was custom made to my size preference of A6 and the price was very reasonable. The communication between myself and the seller was fantastic and she made sure I got exactly what I wanted. And being a huge Disney fan I guess it only makes sense that my dream planner ended up including them! Lol!

Since then I have been thinking about a work planner and want to stick with the TN route. Keeping track of my own expenses etc I think would be much easier to do in a TN 🙂. So my dream planner for this would be a foxy fix….

I do think I will buy more TNs over time and already have my eyes on something from these shops….

I guess the main thing I can say about planners. Once you’re hooked there is always a new design or shop that opens which you want to buy from. Your dreams change constantly along with your tastes and needs 🙂

Please share your planner dreams with me to continue this discussion and check out the other bloggers in this series below:

5 thoughts on “Planner girls collective: Dream planners”

  1. I love my Uglydori and Lyradori, but I also would love a medium thickness Foxy Fix… I know you just got one
    I blame Alethia. Hahaha xxx


  2. I love my Traveler’s Notebook and agree that you need more than one. I’ve even got my kids hooked on them.
    I love the idea of a custom notebook so may have to look into it a little bit more.


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