Home organisation: laundry room turn around

Have you ever had a space in your house which becomes a dumping ground? I know we did! Our kitchen has a little space off of it that no one really sees where all the laundry is done. But because it’s out of the way it became a real dumping ground as you can see!

All our washing ended up piled high and in a mess! Things were being dumped randomly and I had no clue what was what!

The cuoboards above weren’t that much better either if I’m honest….

Again things everywhere with no sense of what was what. Yes I had little storage pots but what was in them I really couldn’t tell you!

If this sounds familiar, be reassured things can improve! In fact it only took a small amount of money and a few hours to sort!

So when I say a small amount of money what do I mean? I went to Wilkinson’s and got myself some baskets. I wanted big ones for my work surface to help me sort laundry and some smaller ones to go in my cupboards. In total I spent about £30 on baskets.

I got one big basket for each member of the family’s washing to go in. I haven’t quite got round to labelling them yet but do think this will make a nice touch. And as you can see from the picture below I still need to actually put the laundry away now it’s sorted! But the worktop is definitely much clearer than what it was before!

The other minor expense was £2 on some hooks (also from Wilkinson’s) so the ironing board could get hung up so it was out of the way. I couldn’t quite get my head around the amount of floor space I suddenly had when we hung it up! I was so pleased!

The other thing I changed about, which I am not sure is so clear in the before and after shot, is the gap we had between the dishwasher (in the middle) and tumble dryer (at the end). It was a gap that got filled with rubbish and once I had cleared it out it bugged the hell out of me. I knew it could have been used for cleaning products but with toddlers running about that was the last place I wanted to put them! So I came up with a different idea… I bunched all the white goods together, meaning the gap was now at the end and turned it into a little place for cleaning equipment!

Now onto the cupboards! They were a real mess! I didn’t know what was what or what went where! It really was a horrid place to look! Now I have to say I am much happier with them….

Everything feels so much neater! And having all the little baskets in one cupboard has helped me organise all the little bits I had. I still feel like I need to sort them out a tad more and these will definitely need labelling if I want them to stay organised! But for now it is definitely a step in the right direction! The amount of space I had in the cupboards shocked me when I emptied them! And now seeing them so organised really does make me smile.

So there you have it; a transformed laundry room and I have to say I couldn’t be happier! I know where everything goes now and feel things are that little bit more organised.

I hope this may have inspired you with your organisaton. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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