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Confessions of a plannerholic… Top 5 role models

Confession: I think I am really going to struggle with this one! Bizarre as it may sound I don’t really have many role models. For me it is a person type rather than an actual person. I look up to strong confident people in society who have proven to us all that nothing should hold us back.

So here goes at my top 5 role models:

  1. I guess my first would have to be my mum – she has always been an inspiration to me, especially as we now have followed a similar career path in nursing. I have seen her go through night school to get a degree, and then later on do a masters part time round a full time job! She never stops fighting for what she believes she deserves and I admire her drive so much
  2. The second would be my amazing fiancé Gavin – I guess this is two fold with Gavin. I look up to him because he is my rock and I can’t imagine my life without him now. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him sooner! lol! The other reason why I look up to him is because he started his own business almost 6 years ago now and it is flourishing! It is his determination and business mind that encouraged me to go for my dreams and open up my own Etsy store.
  3. Mother Theresa – I guess as a nurse I have learnt so much about famous nurses who have made a real difference in society. Mother Theresa has always stood out for me as someone who really dedicated her life to the needs of others. Within my nursing I try to emulate her unconditional positive regard she had for all her patients and do my best to ensure the very best for their health and well being.
  4. Victoria Beckham – So this one may seem a little odd, but here is a woman who grew up on a council estate and managed to make it big in one of the most popular girl groups of the 90s. But I guess what I love about her is everything she has done since the Spice Girls. She gets riddiculed so much for being thick or stupid, but come on, how can you call someone who has managed to set up and establish her own designer clothing range at the level of skill she has!!??!! An amazing role model in my eyes! This woman doesn’t let the press stop her from achieving what she knows is possible. The tabloids have thrown so much in her face and she just seems to stick two fingers up at them and carry on doing what she does. I also believe the way in which she has raised her children is nothing but wonderful. I mean she has more money than sense and yet she still makes her eldest go to work on a Saturday in a restaurant to learn what it is to earn his own money! Not many people in her position would do something like that!
  5. Richard Branson – I chose Richard because he too started a business from scratch with next to nothing and is now a multi-millionaire! And he has admitted to having really bad dyslexia and not doing well at school. To me that proves that with the right drive and passion anything is possible!

Who are your top five?

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