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Confessions of a planneholic… Best 10 Planner/Stationary/Craft blogs

Confession: Blogging is still a whole new world to me and I never seem to find too much time for reading. Having said that I have learned over the past few months that reading a blog is much quicker and easier than picking up a book so actually works incredibly well for me.

I would definitely say to anyone who doesn’t read many (or any but mine! ha!) blogs then you really need to see what is out there! Signing up to wordpress to write my own blog opened my eyes to quite a few new blogs, about so many different things too! I would highly recommend you see what is out there.

My top three:

  1. The Stationery Geekette – She too takes part in this series, as well as publishes some wonderful stationary reviews (which a while ago included my planner inserts) and I have to say I find her product reviews very informative
  2. Ugly Bug Does – Again part of this series, as well as currently doing a “my crafty week” post which is brilliant! Always full of lovely pictures of all her recent projects and I definitely pick up hints and tips as well as idea fro new projects of my own
  3. Strange and Charmed – This blog is fantastic, and goes with her you tube channel. Her blogs and videos focus on planner related topics, and how you can use them to become as productive as possible. In fact, it is through watching one of her videos and reading a productivity blog that I developed my new structure for blogging, and I have to say it is working really well for me! I will blog about this soon

So sorry my list is so short!

Please read other blogs taking part in this series below:

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