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Confessions of a plannerholic… Must see films

Confession: I am a MASSIVE Disney fanatic! may be 31, but I am still a massive kid at heart. Gavin, my fiancé has told me I have a bigger Disney DVD collection than any child he knows! lol! Having said that, it will not mean that every film in my list will be Disney.

There are just so many films that I love, and would list here. But I thought the best way to complete this post would be to list my top 5. They aren’t in any particular order, just films that I absolutely adore!

  1. Cruel Intentions – this film always takes me back to being a teenager, and loving the film so much I downloaded the script and edited it so that it matched the film exactly! I also learnt all the lines for Catherine (one of the main heroines in the film) and even to this day people refuse to watch the film with me because I can’t help speak along with it! cruel-intentions
  2. Gone in 60 seconds – I love this film so much! Nicholas Cage and Aneglina Jolie make an amazing couple in this film. It’s the perfect movie to watch with a male too because it’s got the fast cars, and drama that he would love. There is a brilliant story line to it, which is what draws me to it over and over againgone in 60 seconds.jpg
  3. Up! – This story tugs at my heart strings, and I have to say the cameo which shows the old mans life at the start of the film always makes me cry! Overall it has a very touching storyline, and is a truly beautiful film for all agesp190662_p_v8_aq
  4. Cinderella – So no list of mine would be complete without my favourite Disney classic! This story just touches my heart, and I suppose is every girls dream; finding their prince in the most random of places. You just can’t beat itcinderella
  5. Home – Something a little bit more recent, but another touching story. I love the storyline, and the message this film portrays. It shows that jut because something is different doesn’t mean you should be afraid of it; you just need to learn about it. The world is full of stereotypes and hatred due to minor things, such as the colour of someone’s skin or what they wear. This film shows that ultimately this is not necessarily truehome

So that’s my list, but as I say there are definitely many many more I could recommend! What are your top five?

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