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Confessions of a plannerholic… Halloween week set up and decor

So let me first start by apologising once again… my blogging hasn’t quite caught up as quickly as I had hoped. But I am working on this, and the reasons behind it all will be revealed over time 🙂

So my Halloween set up falls over two spreads because I Only plan 4 days at a time. However I was really looking forward to completing these spreads I have done both so you can see my set up until the end of the monthm

The first 4 days are below. I haven’t really deviated too much from my usual planning set up but have used Halloween kits to decorate. So in this picture, the gold and black washi tape used is from Miss Brimbles, and the decor is from the Ugly Bug Halloween kit.

The last 3 days of the month have been decorated using a few stickers from the Ugly Bug box as well as a sticker kit from Fab Planner Print on etsy. I absolutely adore her weekly sticker kits and have been getting a few more recently, which will be featured throughput my november spreads, so keep an eye out for those on instagram.

All my functional stickers come from a variety of sources so if you are keen to locate any of them or have any further questions s regarding my set up then please comment below.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. I will link all the other plannerholics later on today so you can see theirs 🙂

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