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Confessions of a plannerholic: Autumnal planner set up 

Confession: I am not geared up for changing my planner set up to go with the seasons, so do not have an autumnal planner set up as such. However, as I have never told you about my current planner set up, I thought it would be a great time and excuse to share it with you now.

So I am currently living in a personal size purple saffiano (filofax) for my day to day stuff. I absolutely love it and am definitely feel at the moment I have an element of planner peace :). I also have a lovely planner charm which has my name on it, bought from Dotty Moo.

Because I like to be different and unique, as well as not wanting to spend too much of a fortune on planner stuff, I have designed and made everything inside myself. I only buy stickers and the odd paperclip to decorate :). So when I open my planner you will see the one big paperclip I have, which is purely astetic and I love it! This is a custom make from Cherry Blossom in the Market Square and it says “I love you more than buttery crumpets” which is a phrase my wonderful fiance, Gavin, says to me all the time. You can also see my dashboard with some pictures of us two which always makes me smile when I open up my planner.

The next pages are more dashboards. To the left are pictures of my daughter, Arya and step son, Kyle, whom I love dearly. And it’s nice to be able to show them off without necessarily having to get my phone out! Lol! To the right is a dashboard which relates to a project I am working on – project me! HA! I have become part of a small community offering encouragement for each other to work towards personal goals in a 6 month period. My goals are here to remind me of what I am working towards. We start the 6 months today, so I hope I will succeed!

I have recently made myself my today page marker which I adore. I did originally have a paperclip but Arya kept pulling it out so it didn’t quite work…. So I browsed pintrest for an image I would love to see everyday and came across this beauty and then just used stickers to create the tab at the top and laminated it :mrgreen:

So as you can see not exactly autumnal! And my monthly and daily spreads don’t get much better! Lol! Having said that I absolutely love Halloween so my October diary will definitely have a theme running through it, and I imagine I will have to get suitable washi tape to decorate with!

My monthly spread is decorated with a kit from Bits of Stationary, one of the few shops I have found which do kits in person planner size. I love the colour combination in this kit. It feels fun as well as festive. Ive still got a few more bits to fill in yet, but will post on instagram when finished.

My current daily spread is 2 days per page, which means I only ever plan 4 days at a time. For me this works really well because I get to plan twice a week and I found I actually complete all the things I needed to. Nothing gets forgotten and I don’t feel like I am spreading my time to thinly, and am much more productive now.

I get my stickers from a variety of shops, so just ask me if you would like to locate something you’ve seen here.

With stickers almost taking over my life, and my love of Halloween I do have my countdown stickers ready for next month too, from All Things Paper. I am actually very excited to get into next month and start using them and feeling festive!

So without waffling on longer, this is my current planner set up… not massively autumnal but still something I am proud of. I will definitely get more festive in October and will happily share some more pictures of my planning if you would like. I hope you have enjoyed reading. Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments.

Here is a link to read all the other bloggers also taking part in this series of Confessions, so do have a read. We are all so very different when it comes to our planner set ups 🙂

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a plannerholic: Autumnal planner set up ”

  1. I’m another planner geek who tends to make her own inserts, although I’ve just ventured back into the world of DIYfish.
    Love the idea of having photo dashboards. I often wonder what to do with all the photos we take and rarely look at, that will definitely be going on my list of things to do during the dark nights.


    1. I make and sell all my inserts in my etsy shop 🙂 I would say have a browse but my shop is currently closed 😕
      Yeah I love having my pitures at the front. I know it’s gonna need updating at some point especially as the kids get older! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. aww how lovely, i keep pictures of my husband and kids in my planner to, its nice to have a reminder of what they look like when i’m tied to my desk for long periods haha x


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